Mikou Design Studio: Green is the New Normal for Architecture

mikou studio school image

Mikou Studio via Designboom

Selma and Salwa Mikou are all over Designboom this week. The French architectural firm won a competition to design the primary school and recreation center in Bobigny, France that is covered in green roofs and hanging plants.

It is part of a body of work that is covered in green, a trend we are seeing everywhere as green roofs become the new normal.

mikou studio school courtyard image

Bobigny School court, Mikou Studio via Designboom

But were not so lucky with their entry in a competition to design a new building for a French social security organization.

mikou studio building covered in green image

URSSAF building, Mikou Studio via Designboom
mikou studio building covered in green court image

URSSAF building, Mikou Studio via Designboom

If I hadn't seen the work of Édouard François when in France last spring, I would still be wondering who takes care of all this, or if the buildings are ever going to really look like the renderings when they are done.

mikou studio apartment image

147 Apartments and Retail, Mikou Design Studio

But in France, they evidently have the weather and the workforce that they actually do.

mikou studio architects photo

A lot of interesting work by Selma and Salwa Mikou of Mikou Design Studio

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