Micro Hotel Pods for Passengers Who Need a Break (or Something More)

airport hotel pod image


Airports aren't very restful or a lot of fun, particularly when you have a long layover. Enter Dream & Fly: they offer "small luxury rooms with a complete bathroom, offering a new type of comfort, reduced to the essential, and at low cost prices." The "womb-like bubbles" have full bathrooms and come in three sizes.

airport micro hotel pod image

TreeHugger has shown similar concepts before; the Yotel is up and running,(and bigger) and the SleepBox is a lot smaller.

The Barcelona based company describes the pods:

Inspired by the nature of a womb, this space aims to transmit a feeling of protection in contrast to the movement and agitation of the outside world - a world of four dimensions, static but equally dynamic - safety, tranquillity and isolation are the characteristics on which this hotel are designed.

More at Dream & Fly via PSFK


No word on whether they will have a "no sex" policy like they do in Singapore Airlines' Airbus bedrooms.

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