Michigan Schools Follow LEED Standards

This week the news has been saturated with stories of school children wearing scarves and gloves in chilly classrooms. School districts in colder climes have been forced to keep the heat low as their budgets max out on skyrocketing energy costs. There have been many moments to say "this is the time to take alternative energy seriously." But, really. Isn't this the time?

Michigan colleges are ahead of the game. Any state-supported projects of more than $1 million are now required to follow LEED standards. According to Interior Design, this means:

At Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan, students will soon have a $15 million student services center with a geothermal heating system, a green roof, waterless urinals, solar-powered light pillars, and low energy consumption.

In addition, the Dana Building at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor employs a variety of conservation technologies, including active solar power. We will look forward to seeing schools below college level join in the future-thinking fun. ::Via Interior Design