Michelle Kaufmann's New Prefab Series Explores the Power of Zero

Michelle Kaufmann Ridge0 Image
Ridge0™ Image by Michelle Kaufmann Studio
Michelle Kaufmann Studio has launched a new line of homes called the Zero series.

As the name implies, the Zero series homes are all about nothing...nothing wasted, that is. The designs abide by the same basic tenets as Kaufmann's iconic Glidehouse: smart design, eco materials, energy efficiency, water conservation and a healthy environment. But the Zero series capitalizes on 6-years of experience since that debut. As Kaufmann confesses on her blog, "we have learned a lot about what works (as well as what doesn't) and incorporated our "lessons learned" in these new designs."

Michelle Kaufmann Countours0 Image
Countours0™ Image by Michelle Kaufmann Studio

Those lessons include a shift to more off-site work, minimizing the button up work. The designs are more flexible and highly configurable. They can be tweaked and massaged for specific site conditions and client needs.

Michelle Kaufmann Vista0 Image
Vista0™ Image by Michelle Kaufmann Studio

Within the Zero series are the following homes: the Ridge0™, the Vista0™ and the Contours0™.

The houses are designed to be zero energy buildings (ZEB) meaning they are configurable for alternative energy systems such as PV solar. They also support rain catchment and gray water systems. While the homes are designed to be LEED certified, the designs are flexible enough to obtain other certifications like Build it Green or NAHB Green Building Standard.

Michelle Kaufmann Ridge0 Interior Image
Ridge0™ Interior Image by Michelle Kaufmann Studio

The Contours0™ and the Vista0™ homes blend exterior and interior by offering as many outdoor rooms as there are indoor ones. Natural light, and natural ventilation, are presented through strategically placed windows, glass doors and skylights. The Ridge0™ design follows the Passivhaus principles on insulation, shading, light, efficient windows and frames, and an air-tight building envelope.

The homes range between 422 square feet and 2,643 square feet with a beginning cost of $66,500.

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Michelle Kaufmann Ridge0 Image
Ridge0™ Image by Michelle Kaufmann Studio
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