Michelle Kaufmann on Transformers


Treehugger loves multifunction furniture as a way of getting more out of smaller spaces, and has loved Michelle Kaufmann`s Glide House since it was first unveiled. So we were happy to learn that she practices what we preach, and has filled her own Glidehouse with "transformers"- furniture that changes, stores or generally does more than just sit there.

Some are familiar, like that ottoman on the right, which is really a Pandora Cube from Room and Board. She also has a Flou bed, which Michelle says offers "a better way to store things under your bed than just stuffing your stuff underneath; the mattress can be lifted up to reveal a storage space beneath and the bed also comes with shelving on the sides for books."


flou bed

But the most interesting piece is the very grown up new Rolo Lounge by Eric Pfeiffer for kids' furniture manufacturer 10 Grain. No doubt it will look terrific in the Glidehouse.


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