Mexico to Launch Sustainable Housing Initiative


We've lauded the initiative taken by Mexican developer Geo to provide eco-options like solar panels and passive solar water heaters, and now the Mexican government seems to be getting with the program as well.

Mexico's President Felipe Calderon is under pressure to address Mexico's chronic housing shortage and significant greenhouse gas emissions. This week, Calderon is slated to announce a new goal of building one million green homes that he claims will save one million tons in carbon dioxide emissions during the 16th Forum of Latin American and Caribbean Environment Ministers in the Dominican Republic. Environment Secretary Juan Rafael Elvira spilled some of the beans to Agencia Efe (Spanish link) in a recent interview.Elvira told Efe that after the success of a pilot program through the National Program for Sustainable Housing Development 2007-2012 where the government helped build 30,000 homes that are "respectful of the environment," the one million house project was approved for 55 metropolitan areas around the country. The houses will be equipped with energy-saving valves, energy-efficient appliances and solar panels. He added that the houses located in regions with more extreme climates will have double-paned windows and insulation. Precious few details are available on the initiative, but we hope to come back to it once the announcement is official. :: Via El Blog Verde (Spanish link) and Terra (Spanish link)

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