Mexico Gets Rolling with PET and Cardboard Recycling


Not long ago, we addressed Mexico's struggles in managing its burgeoning mounds of electronic waste.

But there is better news in other areas of recycling. Entrepreneurs are starting to take advantage of the 10 million cubic meters of waste generated every month in Mexico, with particular attention to polyethylene terephthalate plastic bottles, known as PET, and cardboard. According to the National Institute of Recyclers, at least 20 percent of the nation's waste can be recycled in one way or another.

Santiago García, general manager of the PET Recycling Promotion Association, says that Mexico's bottle recycling industry is worth an estimated $56 million with close to 120,000 tons captured, only 15 to 20 percent of the country's PET.
"Every year I receive close to 100 people interested in the recycling business, though not everyone knows how to do it," García told the daily newspaper Reforma. "Without a doubt we have seen a lot of interest from entrepreneurs to enter this market."

Diego Elizarrarás, director of Todo de Cartón, or Everything Cardboard, says that recycling one ton of paper could not only avert the logging of 17 trees but that the same product can also be reused another seven times. Todo de Cartón transforms cardboard into boxes, bags and containers, sold for between $.20 and $40 around the country at the 40 Todo de Cartón franchises. :: Via Planeta Azul (Spanish link)

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