Mexican Design For Vertical Window Farming Is Tidy, Cool, But Is It Worth It?

Window Farming Devices By Jose de la O - Photo

Photos: Jose de la O.

Although you can build you own window farm with a set of plastic bottles and some instructions, Mexican designer Jose de la O --author of the previously featured chic alternative to water-fly-repellent; has come up with a sleek alternative.The system is based on polygonal plastic recipients that are sticked to the windows, which have a built in drainage system that pours remaining water to the connected containers.

As the system is modular, you can build a 'farm' of your desired size, only having to worry about the joins matching the exact place of the next container. And as the soil is separated from the drainage in a small tray, there's no danger of losing it.

Close up on Window Farming Devices By Jose de la O - Photo

Remaining drainage pipes that are not used can be cancelled with a small wool cap.

Drainage System on Window Farming Devices By Jose de la O - Photo

Now, the system is definitely more compact than the one proposed by the Window Farms organization, and it looks cooler in terms of design too.

But the containers seem pretty small to let the leafy vegetables grow properly, and the use of virgin plastic for a purpose that can be fulfilled with recycled water bottles seems unnecessary.

UPDATE: The designer says that the size of the containers is suited for Lactuca Sativa, a kind of lettuce common in Europe. He adds that this is only a prototype and that he's experimenting with other materials instead of virgin plastic.

Scheme Showing Functioning of Window Farming Devices By Jose de la O - Photo

Details as the sticking to windows for better lighting and subtile drainage, however, can serve as inspiration for window farmers to improve the design of their own systems at home.

More at the designers website.

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