Menini Nicola Makes The Kind of Furniture you'll Use Forever

Photo of the Night Table from the Menini Nicola Montevi Line


Sustainable design is not just about incorporating green materials, but about making things that will last forever, physically and aesthetically. A great example is the classic Charles and Ray Eames furniture line, which includes items that more than thirty, forty years after their breakthrough are still desirable and cool.

We're not sure if Menini Nicola's furniture will still be around in thirty years, but with their classic lines and use of local, sustainable wood, they're certainly up for a good start. Take a look at the beautiful photos inside.Menini Nicola is a furniture firm based in Montevideo, Uruguay, founded by industrial designers Carlo Nicola and Agustin Menini. They've been designing furniture for six years, but opened their own label in April 2009.

Photo of a Desk from the Menini Nicola Montevi Line

Desk from the Montevi line.

Their pieces are made with local wood from reforestation areas and produced locally in Uruguay.

But more importantly, their lines have a classic, yet sleek and modern look that never goes out of fashion. One of the best is their Montevi line, which includes a chair, desk, bookshelf and a lower table for electronics.

Photo of the Bookshelf from the Menini Nicola Montevi Line

Bookshelf from the Montevi line.

With clear woods and these simple lines, the parallel with nordic designers like architect Alvar Aalto is evident. However, the designers say they take inspiration more from lifestyles than from classic pieces.

A few more pics below, links at the bottom.

Photo of the Chair from the Menini Nicola Montevi Line

The beautiful chair from the Montevi line.
Photo of the Cupboard from the Menini Nicola Montevi Line

A lower table for electronics, also from the Montevi line.
Photo of the Guga Chair by Menini Nicola

The Guga chair.
Photo of the Jessie Coffee Table by Menini Nicola

'Jessie' coffee table.

For more about the designers and the furniture, contact the brand through their website:

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