Meet People and Make Stuff

Here's a winning combo: meet some new like-minded people and make something cool out of recycled or vintage materials. The Make Lounge offers craft workshops catering to a contemporary crowd. Given the frantic pace that we all live, its a nice breathing space and lets you reconnect with those crafty skills that you used to have, or would like to have. The courses are not the usual grind of endless weeks, instead, in one evening or a weekend, you can learn to crotchet a flower for your coat or dress, knit a scarf or fingerless gloves (a peculiarly English thing) or make a hot water bottle cover (another English favourite) from old sweaters and finish it off with embroidery.

For the men: a chance to meet a lot of interesting women and, oh yes, make a decoupage platter, of bamboo, using vintage magazine cuttings, comics, sheet music, maps to cover it. There are also jewellery-making courses and soap and body care products from natural substances. You could walk away from the evening with a new hobby, new friends and a new/recycled gift for you or a pal. Not bad for a night's work, and a lot more productive than some days at the office. :: The Make Lounge

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