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Inhabitat turns us on to Mcube, a steel framed design with what looks like KalWall insulated fiberglass panels. They say "The system is based on a translucent 10′-cube module which can be stacked in multiple floors and units for residential and commercial purposes. Made from concrete, steel, and luminous fiberglass daylighting wall panels, the system can be fully erected in 90 days at a cost starting at $100 per square foot! (Yes $100 a foot!). Considering how expensive most sleek SoCal prefab systems seem to be - this is a price tag that really got our attention."

The price gets my attention too.


Jill and Emily at Inhabitat call it a prefab, but the construction photos indicate that it is no more prefab than any steel building, where all the members are fabricated off site. One could also point out that there is a lot of embodied energy in all that steel and concrete and that they are perhaps not the greenest of materials. Or that it looks really big. But that would be churlish; it's stunning.


Jill and Emily also suggest that it has underfloor radiant heating, but there are these long thin things that look like radiant heaters up above the exterior wall.


I can't find any information on the Architect's completely lame website, (why do people let architects touch website design?)

I love the industrial aesthetic, it reminds me of my beloved Chareau house in Paris. I also try to avoid the price per square foot game, "starting at" does not say what is included or how big it has to get before one hits that price, but nonetheless this is what everyone since Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier and Buckminster Fuller have been saying: Use industrial materials in a straightforward manner, drop your preconceived notions of domesticity, and good housing can be accomplished at a reasonable price. Read more in ::Inhabitat

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