Maya Lin Memorial to the Environment


Maya Lin's name is familiar to many (ageing) Treehuggers because of her famous war memorial to Vietnam veterans in Washington, done when she was only 21 years old. She has continued to work since then (1982) with a series of other memorial sculptures. The latest, and last is planned for Earth Day 2009. Called Missing, it is a memorial to the environment and all the species and places that have "gone extinct or will most likely disappear, within our lifetime." It will be located in several different locations around the world and will include a list of names, as did the Vietnam memorial. However these will be the names of animal, bird and plant species that have become extinct.

As she says "Do the math, guys. Where do we want to be in 50 years? That's the question...the top 10 songbirds we grew up with are in a 40% to 70% decline. Our oceans are being devastated by overfishing. The landscape we grew up with has been significantly diminished. I just want to bring attention to it and give people the idea that you can do something about it." Now she is working on the Confluence Project: seven art installations along the Columbia River Basin (pictured) created to evoke the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the changes it brought to the Pacific Northwest.


Another work now on display, Systematic Landscapes, is a series of three massive installations about the earth and the viewer's relationship to natural landscape. 2x4 Landscape (pictured) is a 10-foot tall wave from one angle and a hill from another. Made of 65,000 boards set on end, it can be walked around and climbed upon. :: Los Angeles Times