May I Have the Envelope, Please: The Winners of Design21's Heated Issue


The results are in for Design21's "Heated Issue" global warming design contest -- we mentioned it here awhile back. They were looking for an educational campaign to raise public awareness about global warming and the contribution of our daily lifestyle and activities make to this problematic phenomenon. First prize, pictured above, goes to "Re-written Aesop's Fables" by Hwani Lee for the World Wildlife Federation; it's a collection of the lesson-bearing tales of morality, re-written with global warming as the punchline. The combination of the iconic imagery of the tales combined with an updated story of a feverish planet was very effective, thought the judges, and we certainly agree. Hit the jump to see more examples of powerful graphic design on behalf of the planet. ::Design21 Heated Issuedesign21-winner-eco-nutrition.jpg
"Eco-Nutrition" took 3rd prize for its take on our "nutrition label culture".

The popular vote winner was "Anti Global Warming Campaign," which put gas masks on our friends from the animal kingdom, signifying their loss in habitat and inability to deal with the warming climate; the design hopes that the powerful imagery speaks for itself.



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