Max: Cast Iron Tub Turned Sofa from Reestore


A contemporary update of the sofa briefly featured in "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" -- and strikingly similar to the Savon Sofa we featured earlier this year -- "Max" is a cute sofa created from a vintage cast iron tub; dig the cast iron feet! This one is from Reestore, a design outfit we spotted a while back, that has their way with old, used stuff, giving sometimes quite normal (like a bathtub), sometimes more odd (like a washing machine tub) objects a second life as interior furnishings and such. We like the way these objects showcase that recycling can be more than just filling up the blue bin once a week; check out "John," a barstool, and "Silvana," a light that got a mention on TreeHugger before, below the fold. ::Reestore via


"John" -- the barstool that used to be an oil drum


"Silvana" -- Reestore's most popular product, it's a light made from a washing machine drum

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