Matroshka Compact Living Concept: Your Life in 43 Square Feet

First unveiled at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last month, Matroshka was born from a project in a course on creative thinking at Mid Sweden University last May. In an attempt to find new solutions for people living in small spaces, the four industrial design students considered how to best create space, storage and sociality.

By thinking of the room in terms of volume rather than just square footage, they were able to get lots of utility from just a few objects and even less space; every bit of empty space was considered, and almost all of it serves at least one purpose. It's quite remarkable to think you could (cozily) entertain up to 12 people in such a compact space, and it's a great example of how less can really be more. They're currently looking for ways to turn Matroshka from dream to reality; for now, you can see it on display at Paizano Design in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Tags: Furniture | Less Is More


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