Material Love: a New Way to Recycle


We have covered Freecycle and the late lamented GarbageScout; Now we have another way of matching one person's garbage with somebody elses need. Materiallove was started by a group of web developers in Vancouver BC to help " North American residents and businesses find alternative ways to recycle and reduce waste. As an entirely free service, the materiallove network allows personal and business account members to buy, sell or exchange recyclable materials and used items with one another. From waste haulers to metal processors, local businesses that handle recyclable materials on a daily basis can list their profile for free in the materiallove business directory." It does not yet seem to have found its business market; items listed range from Laurie in Burnaby posting "Various small pieces of wood" and mike offering six bricks. , running the gamut to $750,000 house in Oakville Ontario that does not exactly look ready for the recycle bin. Nice looking and easy to use. In Beta and still mainly centered on BC; we wish it well and hope the business side catches on. ::Materiallove