Match Tree


The Match Tree's function is a beautiful metaphor that illustrates a less-than-beautiful mode of consumption. As users break "branches" off of the geometric tree to use as matches, the tree looks smaller and more broken, until nothing is left but a two-dimensional stump. Like other conceptual products that cause us to question consumption, such as "Nothing", it's unfortunate that this design uses wood and actually participates in the waste that it symbolizes. According to the designer, the match Tree is meant to invoke the original act of creating fire by the first humans. The tree's ceramic base functions as a strike point for the matches, as well as an ash tray, and can accept tree "refills" that are sold in a flat pack. The designer, Ross McBride, was trained as a graphic designer and lives in Japan. These influences are articulated through the Match Tree as well as his other work, produced under his brand Normal.

via core77