Mast Humidifier Works Without Electricity, Smells Lemony

humidifier cypress photo

Here is the kind of simple, minimalist, elegant design that just makes me smile. Mast is a humidifier designed by Shin Okada and crafted by Masuya Koubou out of Japanese cypress. "Known for its high-quality timber, rot-resistant qualities and lemony scent, the thinly sliced Hinoki mast absorbs water from the hull and diffuses it, and its intrinsic aroma, into the room."

Instead of electricity and a fan, just capillary action.


Each one is custom made, and the designer promises that the water evaporates six times as fast as an open pan of water would. The designer thinks of it as "a yacht floating in the cool water." Found at Unpluggd and Mocoloco. Original in Japanese here

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