Martha Stewart's Eco-Chic Ideas for the Home

martha stewart
We have all had our "Martha Stewart moment" when somehow we pull off something so fashionable and stylish that it seems to be an out of body experience. For your very own Martha moment, we offer the following eco-chic ideas to spruce up your apartment. Don't sneer yet; there are some very cool decorating tips to be found amongst the chaff.

For example, new cushion covers for the dining room chairs made out of old recycled sweaters--very cozy. Rustic candle holders which are made by melting down old candles and putting them in clay flower pots. A few of them together on a table can look very stylish. For displaying cookies: a funky tiered tray made out of mix and match old dinner plates with old tea cups glued in between (pictured).

dry zip-lock bags the martha way photo

Cotton napkins, always more ecological and economical than paper, can be made out of old soft cotton shirts. Just cut them into good-sized squares and mend the edges. A cork trivet made out of 50 corks held together in a circle with a metal hose clamp does the trick to save the table and recycle corks. A personal favourite: a way to dry out zip-lock bags so they can be reused. Stick chopsticks into a tooth brush holder and hang the bags upside down on them. Ahhh, so simple. Natural aromatherapy: hang a bunch of eucalyptus leaves from the shower curtain rod with some twine. When the hot steam hits there's a wonderful scent. And in true Martha-mode: clump together old perfume,mustard and jam jars on a tray, put flowers in them and use as a centre piece. ::

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