Martha Stewart on Powering Down the House

We have done so many lists of things you can do in your house to cut power consumption, but when Martha Stewart does one, it goes to a much larger audience, and that's a good thing. She notes that if every household were to cut its energy consumption by 15%, then two hundred coal fired power plants could be retired. And, you don't have to part with your espresso machine. Much of the information comes from Katherine Wang of the Rocky Mountain Institute.

In true Martha style she travels from room to room with ideas and suggestions; in the kitchen, set your fridge at 40 degrees and your freezer at zero. Check the seal on your fridge by closing the door on a dollar bill. If you can slide it out easily, replace the seal. Reserve the oven for big meals or cooking several things at once; for single servings or reheating use the microwave or toaster oven. Put a clock on the wall and pull out the coffee maker and any appliance with a light or a clock in it; any appliance with a clock or a light is eating up phantom power, totalling between five and fifteen percent of your bill.

And that's just the kitchen! Not yet online, but check ::Martha Stewart Living

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