Margaret Atwood's LongPen: Carbon Free Book Tours


George Monbiot should get one of these. Booker Prize winning author Margaret Atwood invented it: "As I was whizzing around the United States on yet another demented book tour, getting up at four in the morning to catch planes, doing two cities a day, eating the Pringle food object out of the mini-bar at night as I crawled around on the hotel room floor, too tired even to phone room service, I thought, 'There must be a better way of doing this." So she invented the Longpen. The author can talk to fans via video chat hookup and sign the book via the longpen- an internet-connected pantograph. The reader gets words with the author, a personalized note, and for a small fee, donated to charity, a copy of the video. No more flying and dying! ::Unotchit LongPen