Manor Garden Rises Again

Treehugger has been following the plight, and ultimate destruction of the Manor Garden Allotments. These were 100 year old community allotment gardens that had been bulldozed as part of the development of the new green Olympic 2012 site. Despite massive community protests and a plea to " encourage a more imaginative Olympic development which includes this special place with its healthy, green lifestyles and vibrant community" they were destroyed.

The art student, Thomas Pausz, wandered into the allotments before they were gone but never saw the shed that was used by all of the community there. For the Royal College of Art student show, he recreated the shed (pictured) from the collective memories and stories of many of the Manor Garden allotment holders. He asked them questions and reconstructed it from their responses. These included queries as to ways to get there, the interior, any particular features. He used the techniques and materials described by the original makers of the shed, such as the window fitter in the construction. All of the pieces are recycled: the table, flooring, and architectural parts. It is a "celebration of memory, the transmission of design know-how between the generations and of community survival against the odds." :: Royal College of Art

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