Malafor: Design More With Less


These Polish designer, who we discovered at this year's Milan furniture fair, and who's colourful tree trunk stools have been featured previously, know how to create more with less. Dematerialisation is one way of designing eco-friendlier objects- it saves resources from being used up and transported around, and waste from being generated. Plus these objects are highly functional as well as good looking- what more can you ask for? Here our two favourites from the new collection by Malafor!Stick Walking

We agree with the designers that the best design is probably the simple wooden stick, but if your hands want a better and gentler grip, simply add this super-light piece and create a fancy walking cane out of any old stick.

B L O W Sofa


The most eco-friendly material is the one we don't use, or simply air! It has a very low ecological footprint: cheap, easy to transport and to use. Malafor use it to stuff their 100% recycled paper dunnage bags that are then held together with a metal rack and rubber straps. You can even personalise them by scribbling on the cushions.


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