Maku Furnishings: Surf-Inspired Modern Furniture

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We're fans of this Lounge Chair made from sustainably-harvest teak by Maku Furnishings. Founded by two "Global Surfers, Travelers, Marketers and Lifestyle enthusiasts", Maku Furnishings offers "non traditional furnishings for a modern world." Their surf-inspired aesthetic is tempered by a distinctly modern feeling that yields a pretty unique set of products; Maku calls them "experiential, organic, and relevant to passionate lifestyle participants and design enthusiasts."

Sustainable Wood Furniture for All Occasions

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They have a range of products that include seating, tables and "entry", which is a small collection of ornate (but pretty cool) doors. The Lounge Chair, combines understated simplicity with sleek sophistication to create a chair that looks as relaxing as it feels. All of Maku's products are made from sustainably-harvested teak from Indonesia (we expressed some concerns about Myanmar's teak trade, but this operation appears to be on the level), and they're also proud members of 1% for the Planet. They made a recent appearance at ICFF in New York, but their home-base is Carlsbad, CA and their furniture is available at two shops in southern California, as well as one in Portland, OR. Hit the jump for more photos of their work, and check out their website for more info. via ::Apartment Therapy LA
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