Making beautiful bikes from junked cars

Fewer cars and more bikes is a probably a dream for cyclists and TreeHuggers everywhere. Bicycled is a slick new project that aims to achieve these two goals in an artful way, by making bikes from junked cars. It is such a poetic concept, it's not surprising the project seems to have originated from the creative agency, Lola Madrid.

As you'll see in the promo video above, there's no shortage of car parts to choose from, so each bike will be unique. Body metal is used for the bike frame, brake lights turn into reflectors, door handles become seat post clamps and so on.

I haven't seen any of the finished bikes, but I love the concept. I love vintage cars and enjoy looking at junk yards and "junktiques" and of course, I also love bikes. Bicycled looks like a great way to give cars a second life, while also reducing the demand for new material for bikes. Add in that each creation is closer to art than a mass produced product and they seem to have a winning combination.

The bikes don't appear to be for sale yet, but you can add your name to a wait list at the link above.

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