Maker Faire NYC: An Upcycled Fence Becomes a Bed


All Photos: Alex Davies

As a student in New York City, Michelle DeCurtis is accustomed to the dual problems of lack of money and lack of space. But unlike many, the aspiring designer turned a problem into a challenge, and has put together creative projects from reclaimed and upcycled materials. One of her proudest accomplishments and my personal favorite was on display at Maker Faire in New York this weekend: her own bed, made from an old picket fence.


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DeCurtis found the fence on a farm in Yorktown Heights, NY, sanded the wood and built the bed with the help of a carpenter friend. (See photos of the construction process here.)

On her blog, DeCurtis writes:

Not only is recycling better for the environment, but taking an existing idea and completely re-envisioning is good for the SOUL.

it's good for the pocketbook, too: paying for only nuts and bolts, the finished bed cost a whopping $16. It goes to show that with a sharp eye for recyclable materials and a DIY attitude, you can have the cheapest and coolest stuff in town.

DeCurtis is a New York native and an undergraduate in Urban Studies and Architecture at Barnard College,

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