Maker Faire 2012: The Ninja Standing Desk

ninja desk photo© Jaymi Heimbuch

We love standing desk designs around here in no small part because they are good for your health. While we've seen many designs from fully motorized adjustment to a stack of books, I have to say that this new design called the Ninja Standing Desk is a personal favorite.

It uses a minimum of materials -- just a couple canvas-covered boards reinforced with thin metal poles and heavy-duty Velcro strips on which the shelves can be placed. The strips then hang from brackets clipped to a door or from hooks in a wall. What's more, the desk folds up to a rectangle little larger than an iPad so you can travel with it.

ninja desk photo© Jaymi Heimbuch

The Ninja Desk will retail for about $150, and creator Dan McDonley will launch a Kickstarter funding campaign within a couple weeks. You can bet I'll be keeping an ear out for it! Here is a demo of how the desk works:

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