Maker Faire 09: Turning Book Scraps into Swag

book scraps into swag photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

Recently we TreeHuggers were talking about the big problem of swag at conferences and tradeshows. We brainstormed ways swag could be cut down or made sustainable while still getting businesses' messages across. It looks like one publisher is already on the ball. Some of the best swag found at Maker Faire was at the Quarry Books booth. They turned the scraps of their published books into new journals to give away.All you had to do was sign up for the news letter and you'd get to pick out your 100% totally unique journal made from the scraps of their publishing process. The cover and interior pages are all from materials that would otherwise head to the recycling bin.

Instead of tossing useful materials, the company made them into really high quality give-away items that pretty much sum up the point of Maker Faire.

Quarry Books showed off a few DIY titles like Sweater Surgery and Jean Therapy - all on how to remake old clothing into something new. They have a few new titles coming out for green artists as well.

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