MAKEA your life, other furniture is possible

MAKEA your life, a recycling project IMAGE

MAKEA stands for fixing it, customising, personalising, tuning things, adapting or basically making it beautiful yourself. It is an alternative to the throwaway culture (hence the reference to IKEA!). MAKEA, active since 2006, is a multidisciplinary group from Spain, fed up with our current way of consumption, the brands and their products that loose personality when they are not associated with the brand name any more. But MAKEA is a brand that sells nothing, they are doers and warn us about the infectiousness of the MAKEA virus (see MAKEA video on YouTube).MAKEA represents an attitude, an intelligent and creative collective who take what consumers have rejected and convert it into something new and valuable, similar to the recently emerged project Copenhagen Forever. It seems to be a growing trend to bring back more DIY into our lives by giving objects that have been thrown out a second opportunity. That way you don't have to spend lots of money to have a unique piece or furniture.

The Recetario, where recipes are shared

Anyone can MAKEA their lives, using the recipes on the web site (see Recetario). That way MAKEA is creating a network of people who don't want to contribute to creating more waste but who believe in the potential of the free exchange of creativity. In the recetario, you find lots of solutions for useful products made from waste objects, similar to Superuse. However, MAKEA is not another lifestyle they try to promote, nor is it a new look; it is simply the process of creating a product.

Everyone can be a Makeador or Makeadora

The Makeador/a "can be present in any kind of person, who finds a value in something somebody else rejected. It is the alterego of a person that appears at the moment the person is taking action to reuse".

In the coming weeks, MAKEA will hold the 'Trashmutations' workshops in Seville on June 19 and 20 and in Barcelona on July 2 and 4. ::MAKEA

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