Make Your Own Tablet Stand from Used Cardboard (Video)

ipap cardboard stand tablet diy © Sebastiano Ercoli & Alessandro Garlandini

For you tablet owners who'd like to get a stand on the cheap, look no further. The iPap is a super simple cardboard stand you can make yourself in about five minutes. All you need is a few pieces of tape, a box cutter and a piece of corrugated cardboard around 16" by 20".

ipap cardboard stand tablet diy © Sebastiano Ercoli & Alessandro Garlandini

Officially called the "Comieco fai da te!", the iPap is a project by ilVespaio and Aroproductions for Comieco, the Italian National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging. "Fai da te" is Italian for "do it yourself." The design was created by Sebastiano Ercoli and Alessandro Garlandini.

Creating the iPap looks really easy: print out the two pages of the template and tape them onto some old cardboard. Cut along the lines. Then fold the two pieces per the directions, and fit them together. The stand holds tablets of varying sizes vertically or horizontally, at two different angles.

The designers say the template is available on the Comieco website. I couldn't find it, but I'm sure it's on there somewhere. And if finding the instructions online is the hardest part of getting a tablet stand for free that uses old materials, that's pretty sweet.

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Comieco fai da te! - iPap from Aroproductions on Vimeo.

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