Make Your Own Ball Toss-and-Catchers


It's still summer, at least in this here parts, so enjoy the fresh outdoors as much as you can before Old Man Winter comes a-knockin'. The artist formerly known as Tiffany Tomato (her site is now known as RePlayGround) shows us how to make a pair of toss-and-catchers for practically nothing.

All you need are two used milk cartons, dual toilet-paper tubes, some tape, markers, and decorative paper scraps you probably already have lying around the house. If you already have a ball to throw around, great; if you don't, some wadded up aluminum foil—used would be better—would do the trick.

The instructions she provides couldn't be easier and you could probably figure it out just by looking at the illustrations above. (Just be careful with that pair of scissors.) Make some homemade honey iced tea, grab a friend or reluctant sibling (or spouse) and get off your tush for some simple, backyard fun. (Or at least get your kids out of your hair for a while, if you're parentally inclined.) ::RePlayGround

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