Make Your Home More Energy Efficient, Check Out the Living Zero Home Tour - Coming to a City Near You

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There's no doubting that improving energy efficiency is the low-hanging fruit for both saving money and reducing carbon emissions. It's true you can start right in you're own home, but if you don't know where to begin, where to turn? Well, the Living Zero home tour has the answer. Coming to 10 more cities between now and the end of November (it's already been to six), the tour allows you to learn how to make your home as energy efficient as it can be:

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Next up is Greensboro NC 8/17-24, then Atlanta GA on 9/5 & 6 ... Full Living Zero tour dates.

It's all stuff TreeHugger has been telling you to do since the beginning -- installing CFLs or LED lighting, using Energy Star appliances, tankless water heaters, better insulation and windows, solar tube daylighting, and more.

But the cool thing is that if you can't really envision how it all works together, the Living Zero house has it all in one place. Indeed that was part of the motivation behind the Living Zero house, according to the Department of Energy, which is providing technical assistance to the tour.

Other tour sponsors include: All American Homes, GE, State Water Heaters, and TreeHugger's cousin Planet Green by the way --the full list of sponsors is here.

living zero home tour photo

living zero home tour photo

living zero home tour photo

Once you've taken the tour (it won't take you too long -- I checked the house out when it was in New York City this past week) you can pick up literature on energy efficiency, check out the website for checklists to determine the energy efficiency of your home, find out more on tax incentives, and what sort of renewable energy options you can take advantage of.

This may all be pretty basic for some TreeHugger readers, and given that most of the tour sponsors are in the business of selling you products, may seem like it's just a big product promotion, but I can assure you it's not. It's really about the concepts of energy efficiency first and foremost -- you're not going to be told to buy this and only this refrigerator or water heater, for example.

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