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The triumvirate of hip ladies from Mod Green Pod is at it again. They've been busy since we saw them last, working hard behind the scenes to update their offerings and services. They're bringing their new (though still U.S.-based) printer in compliance with Global Organic Textile Standards -- a standard they're helping to establish -- and have added a fun new product: totes made from fabric remnants or discontinued patterns or colors.

Two things really stand out at the 'Pod, though.

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Mod Green Pod's fun new room decorator. Image credit: Mod Green Pod

As their business has continued to grow, they've been able to cut back on costs and can now offer a significant price reduction, from approximately $100 per yard, down to 39.75 per yard for their organic cotton upholstery fabrics. Wowsers. The other new innovation is their room creator, a fun way to test-run fabrics as drapes, pillows, upholstery, and more (you can even decorate the cat!) from the comfort of your own web browser. Now that they've added e-commerce to the site, you can daydream about new fabrics, test 'em out, and order in one fell swoop.

The "green" in Mod Green Pod
Of course, their outstanding commitment to green remains: the members of the Organic Trade Association print all their fabrics on 100% certified organic cotton grown in the U.S., and they don't use fabric protectors, color fast agents, stain resistants, wrinkle-free agents or fire retardants on our products. This practice of "addition by exclusion" keeps out a slew of nasty acronyms like PBDEs (best known as a flame retardant) and PFOAs (used most often as "Scotchgard" or equivalent), along with other baddies like formaldehyde. Add to that their PVC-free wallpapers -- watch TreeHuggerTV to learn why PVC-free is a good thing -- and it makes up a pretty impressive list of green practices and creates an example we can point to of better ways of doing business.

Learn more about Mod Green Pod from their site, and, while you're there, enjoy decorating the cat.

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