Make This Crazy-Cool Puff With Recycled Tights from Remade in Chile

Puff Made With Recycled Tights Photo

Photos: Courtesy of Remade in Chile.

When Chilean designers play with waste, we know interesting things can happen: the posh plastic bags boots, weird recycled butts clothing, and crazy accessories with trainers are proof. This is why we're thrilled to have the results of a new edition of Remade in Chile, where dozens of new designs with trash were presented. Get to know this first one inside.This puff was designed by student Francisca Rosello for the Remade in Chile project. It was produced entirely with post-industrial discarded fabric used to make socks and stockings.

It doesn't look so simple, but the description is so easy that you could make this at home today: stocking legs are filled with wool threads from the same factory, and assembled to another one in the form of a ring to create the sitting area. As the design is modular, different configurations can be achieved with these simple parts.

We'll bring more designs from Remade in Chile's latest edition soon. If you aren't familiar with Remade, you can take a look at our interview with its creator, Marco Capellini.

Puff Made With Recycled Tights Photo

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