Make the Mundane...Morrocan?

Have you inherited an ugly armoire from your grandmother and can’t let it go? Want funky furniture, or something that doesn’t look out-of-the-big-box without the huge designer prices? We’ve found Nava Abel’s site in Israel and think that this artist offers some neat (Marrakesh-style) do-it-yourself paint jobs for any old kind of furniture.

Most readers outside of Israel probably won’t be able to commission Nava to repaint their 60s style hutch that came with the rental apartment, but some of her ideas look easy enough to do yourself...


Cabinet BEFORE


Cabinet side detail




Don't stop here. TreeHugger's Jasmin is always offering great tips and home projects for the crafty type. (Here for recycled sweater arm warmers & home-made baby shoes.

::Nava Abel

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