Make DIY Christmas Gifts, Inspired by the Experts

emin clothes peg angel photo
If you can't afford to buy an artist's work, then copy it. Tracy Emin, renowned for her piece of art that was an unmade bed, offers her own personal instructions on how to make a Christmas angel from a clothes pin and some scraps of lace and wire. Just like you used to do in school. As she says "Picasso used to make magnificent dolls for his daughters out of anything he could find." It's a "recession angel" for economising times.

If Christmas decorations aren't your DIY thing, what about chocolate truffles from famed restaurateur and chef Tom Aikens. He claims that "these truffles are very straightforward. In the time it takes to go to a shop and buy a box, you could make these at home and they will taste so much better " But don't all chefs say that...

hilton sleigh diy photo

If you are a handy with a hammer and nails, then famed modern furniture designer Matthew Hilton has a cool design for a sleigh. You can make it on your own for the little one or make it together with a favourite child on a stormy winter's day.

scarf DIY knit photo

If you have been meaning to take up knitting, but haven't quite got started yet, here is your chance. A simple design for a cozy scarf, created by the creative director of Pringles--an old British cashmere sweater company. She says that it is "quick to knit (you can finish it in a few hours if experienced, or over a weekend if teaching a child)...and versatile." The Times
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