Make a Simple Door Mat from Salvaged Wood Planks

Photo Credit: How Does She?

If you have a few boards from another project sitting around, or happen to come across a bit of lumber on your neighbor's curb on trash day, why not turn them into a natural, beautiful door mat? Any thin wood plank would do for this: leftover fence pickets, extra wooden garden stakes, or salvaged wood flooring would all work perfectly. And with a bit of work, you end up with a functional item for your mudroom, porch, or patio.Aside from the obvious benefit of using salvaged materials and giving them new life, this door mat is great because it's sturdy and durable. It won't blow away, even in the strongest wind. And you can just refinish it if it starts looking dingy or if you get tired of the color.

How to Make a Wood Plank Door Mat

This project requires a few basic tools: a saw (a chop saw would make it really simple, but you can use a handsaw if that's all you have) and a drill. You'll also need enough wood planks for the size rug you want, some jute twine, and a tape measure.

The process is pretty simple: cut all of the planks to the same length, measure out three places to drill your holes on each plank (you want all of the holes to line up, obviously), sand and finish your planks, then connect them all together with the twine. For complete detailed instructions, with plenty of step-by-step photos, check out the full post over at How Does She?
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