Make a DIY Pencil iPad Stand with Pencils & Rubber Bands

diy ipad stand pencils rubber bands photo

Photo: Geeky Gadgets

When Less is More

Apple's iPad is a best-seller, and so of course accessories are also selling well. Many people are getting stands to hold their iPad in an upright position, but the nice folks at Geek Gadgets show us that with a little ingenuity and a handful of pencils and rubber bands, you can make your own DIY iPad stand.

diy ipad stand pencils rubber bands photo

Photo: Geeky Gadgets

To make your own Pencil iPad stand you will need a total of six pencils and four elastic bands, this time I have used pencils with erasers to provide friction and protection when touching the iPad and to provide grip for the stand legs. [...]

The ferrule metal connectors that hold the eraser to the pencil provide great locator's for the edge of the iPad and work like a dream, providing just enough friction to keep the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation. Please note the metal on the pencils may scratch your iPad edges if not in a case. (source)

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