Mainstream Greenhome


I am not going to be churlish. After all, the Mainstream Greenhome is "Designed to meet the requirements outlined by the LEED for Homes Pilot Project, it will also use 50% less fossil fuel than a conventionally built home; recycle or reuse 90% of all organic waste onsite; consume 50% less water than conventional homes; and include products having low or zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)". Personal Hero Bill McDonough says ""The GreenHome represents a new milestone in mainstream green construction...[it] provides the average homebuilder with a model for making a typical American home green." which surprised me- no house with a two car underground garage on a 100 foot lot with about 5,000 square feet is a model of anything. The "mainstream" subdivision is a dying model and this is just a green dinosaur. ::Mainstream Greenhome via ::Interior Design