Made of New York: Unique Furniture Made from Salvaged Manhattan Timber


Images: Made of New York

Talk about local production: timber reclaimed from old Manhattan buildings is trucked to the South Bronx, where it's refashioned into the appropriately named Made of New York furniture collection. The work of John-Michael Ekeblad of daytime.NYC (and the former Creative Director of IKEA SWEEDEN), Jonathan Locke of Timehri Studios, and Brian Kane of Gotham Forest Products, the collection is something to behold.


The choice to keep treatment of the wood to a minimum lends an authentic look to the pieces. The heaviness and aged quality of each hints at the past life of the wood making it up, and at the same time give it a new incarnation. As to the design process, the team says:

We have direct access to authentic Manhattan timber and are very
thoughtful in the way we approach this material. We manually build each piece of furniture in our South Bronx studio, and have chosen to perform minimal treatment of the wood. All in favor of sustaining its naturally worn out beauty and charm.

We practice an environmentally friendly production process, using only water based stains and sealers, wood plugs where we can and as few machine applications as possible.

The collection, which lets us get around the question of whether cutting new timber can be sustainable, includes armchairs, stools, tables, mirrors, shelves, and dressers. But they don't come cheap: stools run $290 each, the dining table $1,290, and the armchair $1,150 (with cushions). But for the satisfaction of knowing that the piece is not only great-looking but unique in its materials and super-sustainable in origin (especially in a market flooded by greenwashing), the cost might well be justified.

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