MAD - Make A Difference By Reverse Garbage


Reverse Garbage has been banging the reuse drum for over 30 years. That's a long time in anyone's books. Their primary operation is to "make available industrial and commercial discards, off-cuts and over-runs to creative and practical people, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill." Many of the over 8000 cubic metres of materials are used by teachers and students to conjure up artwork in schools. Reverse Garbage also has a strong following amongst artists, and has in the past, held exhibitions under the title 'Junk Love'. In recent times they've taken the idea of exhibitions of goods made from reused materials to a retail level, opening a shopfront store to showcase local designer and artist talent. "The range of works will be ever changing and include all areas within the arts, from wearables to wall pieces, the functional to the ornament. Each artwork will be individually selected, and each artist chosen for their contribution to creating a sustainable future." The belts shown here are crafted from old bike tyres, by Laslo. ::MAD (Make A Difference)