MAD Architects Call Their Project an "Urban Forest"

We have shown vertical farms before, why not vertical urban forests? That is what MAD architects call their new project in Congqing, China. This is not their first swirly tower; they have one under construction just outside of Toronto, nicknamed the Marilyn Monroe building because of its curves.

They tell Designboom with a straight face:

Drawing on the mountainous landscape of the country, the commercial high-rise building, is made up of curved, abstracted shaped floors which have been layered slightly off-center from one another. Connected by a core cylindrical structure, each level's interior is protected by full length glass windows with a see-through, wrap around balcony. This provides transparency throughout the building, and makes the floors almost seem as if they are floating on top of one another. The overall design brings together nature and the urban metropolis, with the incorporation of green space and large expansive views of the city.


I am not certain that putting a few trees on balconies constitutes an urban forest, but compared to what is around it, perhaps it is a start.....More at Designboom


The MAD building going up in Mississauga, just west of Toronto.

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