Luxury, Recycled Glass Ornaments and Gifts Handmade by Annieglass

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With the holiday season just around the corner, it's never too early to start thinking and planning for the holiday season. Now, what do you do for all of the incidental gifts (teachers, dog walkers, etc) that inevitably pop up? Or, do you need an annual ornament for your tree, but don't want to just buy some cheap, meaningless junk? Why not buy a luxury glass ornament by Annieglass handmade from recycled glass and inlaid with 24K gold? Doesn't get more eco-sentimental than that. Annieglass now makes high-end recycled glass ornaments, votives, under their Greenieglass line, as well as conventional glass items like plates and glasses. Owner Annie Morhauser, collects and remelts the glass, and then handmakes each of the ornaments. All glass is picked up and collected within 60 miles of her studio in California, thus greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the product.

Geenieglass Recycled Glass Luxury Ornaments Photo

It took Annie months of trial and error, and lots of "irons in the fire" to get the right texture and feel for her recycled glass line. Candle votives will come in four different styles - star, leaf, flower and starfish - and illuminate in a nice, seafoam green color when lit. The votives also have mirrors on the bottom of them to further project the light.

The recycled glass ornaments come in five different styles - tree, star, rocking horse, heart and peace sign - just in time for the holiday season. The ornaments lay flat, like christmas cookies, but have gold flakes sprinkled across the top. Owner and designer Annie has been making glassware since 1983. This is her first recycled glass line.

Ornaments retail for $26 USD and votives retail for $46USD. You can find them online at Annieglass.

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