Lush Garden Sprouts From Living Room Soil At Brazilian House

Indoor Garden Planted On Soil At Living Room In Brazilian House Photo

Photos: Courtesy of Juliana Freitas.

Growing an indoor garden has many benefits: bringing life into spaces, improving air quality and even making yourself more productive are some of them. In order to incorporate green inside the home, we've seen the raise of living walls and even the building of houses among trees. But how about using the actual soil laying below the house?

For its Casa Vila Real De Itu project, Brazilian landscape artist Juliana Freitas created this lush garden right on the living room placing the plants directly on soil.

Indoor Garden Planted On Soil At Living Room In Brazilian House Photo

Freitas explained TreeHugger how the garden works via e-mail:

"The species are planted directly on soil, which was analyzed and treated with natural fertilizer, and have a special irrigation system that waters them according to their needs. The tree (an Acer japonicus, whose leaves change color according to seasons) is also planted on soil and has an independent irrigation system. On top of the garden there's a metal and glass structure with an automatic system that opens and closes depending on the weather conditions. The glass allows the plants to receive sunlight throughout the day."

Concrete Wall With Container Pockets For Plants Photo

Although only convenient for houses with lots of floor space and therefore not the perfect small-space urban apartment solution, the use of the soil makes sense in this case and avoids the fancy technology or vertical gardening.

Outdoors, the house did make use of vertical spaces with concrete blocks with pots (photo above).

General View Of The Casa Vila Real De Itu Photo

What do you think of this idea? Would you have an indoor garden on soil at home?

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