Lumi Rainwater Tanks Make Water Storage Glow


Architect Katrina Logan doesn't want to have to hide rainwater collection tanks because they're ugly. Rather, she's taken a piece of urban ecology infrastructure and made it an artful design component. Her Lumi rainwater storage tanks are satin acrylic shapes that glow in the sun and are illuminated at night from within. Light passing through shows the water level, and Logan envisions them on the balconies of high rise developments. The Lumi can come in a variety of colors or patterns (including commercial "wraps") and sizes ranging from 250 to 1100 liters. Another integrated water storage system, the Waterwall, also serves multi-functions but Lumi is pleasing in that it satisfies both function and visual aesthetic, and is more akin to the ambitious Hydro Wall. Logan's Lumi design was the 2006 winner of the The City of Melbourne Sustainability Design Award, part of the Premier's Design Award. :: Jetson Green via Hugg