Lulan Artisans Redefines Sustainability

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Eve Blossom has one of the most sophisticated views of sustainability that we have seen; it is not just about being "green" or having a low carbon footprint; sustainability includes economic, cultural, environmental, and social factors. It must also demonstrate high levels of craftsmanship and use natural materials and processes.

She worked with Cameron Sinclair and Architecture for Humanity in Vietnam after earning a Masters in Architecture from Tulane, and "discovered a passion for the hand weaving traditions of the region and realized their unparalleled talents and spirit. The creation of a sustainable market, livelihood, and wage for the weavers and their villages became a dream that eventually led to Lulan."

Eve has some great things to say about sustainability and how she really leverages Lulan as a business promoting positive change; hit the jump to see our video interview and for more pics of the beautiful textiles. ::Lulan Artisans and ::ICFF 2008
::Lulan Artisans, ::Cameron Sinclair visits Lulan at ICFF and ::ICFF 2008