Loyal Loot Bowls from Canadian Logs

loyal loot photo

Image from loyal loot

These bright and shiny Canadian wooden bowls must be all the rage: last month the Guardian wrote them up and this week Cool Hunting has them. Each bowl is created from various and different Canadian trees that have fallen or been cut down for other reasons.

They are hand-crafted into bowls of all different sizes and finished with water based paint and high gloss finish. So gorgeous!

loot loyal bowls photo

Image from Loyal Loot

The Loyal Loot Collective is a group of 4 women designers who met at the University of Alberta. They are based out of Edmonton, Alberta and their work includes ceramic as well as wood. All have a dedication to creating work which "possesses an inherent value that will endure and remain loved." What a nice rationale for making, and buying, a work of art.

coat hanger photo

Image from Loyal Loot

Their coat hanger is made of baltic birch, plywood and veneer and is meant to be reminiscent of the way an axe hits a piece of kindlng wood. It uses no hardware, but is held up by the friction points at the wall and floor.

monsieur hanger photo

Image from Loyal Loot

The other hanger, Monsieur Dressup, is made of maple and hangs on the wall. Shirts or scarves can be draped over it. Loyal Loot Collective

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