Lovewild Designs crafts beautiful confetti and stationery that blooms

blooming flower coins
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Confetti seems so fun, but it's sure to make many environment-aware TreeHugger readers cringe. So many bits that are only seconds away from becoming trash; it’s like micro-plastic pollution just waiting to happen.

But what if we could toss confetti and give back to nature? That’s the idea behind Lovewild’s blooming confetti, which is impregnated with local wildflower seeds.

Lovewild Designs flower confetti © Lovewild Designs

Sierra Zamarripa is the woman behind Lovewild Designs, a Brooklyn-based company that creates sustainable paper products and gifts, like confetti, cards and stationery. Zamarripa dropped out of a sustainable development master’s program at Columbia University to pursue a more creative career. However, sustainability is still central to her work, as she dedicates serious research time to sourcing eco-friendly materials for her designs.

Embedding paper and packaging with seeds is a trend that’s catching on, and Lovewild’s fun twist on this idea is plantable coins. While seed bombs are a fun craft project, the flower coins have a shelf life of three years, and can be easily given away in an envelope or card. Lovewild sells them in little stacks tied with with hemp twine—also compostable. She also sells seed coins with herbs and veggies, like tomatoes.

“We made everything to be as non-wasteful as possible,” said Zamarripa. The paper is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper, in a mill that’s powered by wind. Each card is individually printed on an antique letterpress. Any additional packaging is also plant-based and compostable.
sustainably recycled postcards© Lovewild Designs

Lovewild also offers “bath teas,” which are yummy herbal soaks. For example, the lavender bath tea is an organic blend of lavender, oats, epsom salts, hibiscus, rosehips, peppermint, lemongrass, and lemon myrtle. “It’s nice for your skin and muscles,” said Zamarripa.
organic bath tea© Lovewild Designs

For New Yorkers like me, the production is local—all crafted in Zamarripa’s Brooklyn studio. You can find her at Artists + Fleas and also online.

Lovewild Designs crafts beautiful confetti and stationery that blooms
A sustainably-minded designer makes cards and paper coins that you can plant.

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