Lovely Zig Zag Shaped Magazine Holder Doubles As Shelve And Clothes Hanger

Wooden Flat Magazine Holder By Milonga In Buenos Aires Photo

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Also spotted at the recent edition of the Feria Puro Diseno, Buenos Aires biggest design show, this simple yet interesting wooden home accessory goes in line with some of our favorite concepts: multi-purpose objects and small spaces.

Designed by local brand Milonga, it's a flat, flexible piece of wood in a zig zag shape that can be used as a magazine holder or as a system to build different kinds of shelving and hanging areas.

Wooden Flat Magazine Holder By Milonga As Clothes Hanger Photo

It's built with multi-laminated guatambu wood from reforested areas, and each piece consists only of the flat piece of wood, a leather lace and some screws. Each was going for 120 pesos (about 30 US dollars) at the fair.

Although the green design scene in Buenos Aires is still oriented to recycled crafts, it's interesting to see the rise of these kind of clever products, which are not marketed as green but which go in line of life editing.

Wooden Flat Magazine Holder By Milonga As Book Shelve Photo

Another example at the fair was Disenaveral's shelving system.

Milonga is run by Argentinean designers Federico Bugada, Federico Gonzalez and Hernan Braver. Contact them through their blog.

Wooden Flat Magazine Holder By Milonga Photo

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