Louis Vuitton Designs Office in a Box


Both the Alternative Consumer and Stephanie at Earthfirst think this solar powered office-in-a-box from Louis Vuitton is a monstrosity, the "antithesis of sustainability." I think it is rather neat, and expect to find affordable knock-offs on Canal Street next week.

Looking beyond the Louis Vuitton name, transformer furniture and transportable, foldable designs like this make a lot of sense, and had it come from MUJI they would be eating it up.

And compared to what Louis Vuitton made for Karl Lagerfield....


A custom case to hold forty iPods. Now that is unTreeHugger. Via Register Hardware.

But back to the office-in-a-box, the Alternative Consumer writes:

Is excess, the antithesis of sustainability? I do believe it is. This hi-tech trunk commissioned from Louis Vuitton by an unknown Chinese mega-millionaire turns the concept of eco friendly upside down. Why anyone would even conceive of this monstrosity confounds me; (I know, it’s all about the dinero). This luxury suitcase contains an assortment of gadgets and unnecessary tripe like a TV, DVD player, coffee maker and a handy solar panel to keep it all percolating. Just the array of stuff you’ll need if your private jet should go down in the jungle or that third world country you’re visiting to exploit just doesn’t have enough juice out at the diamond mine. Plenty of storage for you fancy underoos and such.

and Stephanie at Earthfirst picks up the tone:

Although, it would probably come in handy when you’re hankering to surf the internet sustainably while lounging on a luxury yacht. Hmm, I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m in the market for some ridiculously overpriced, ugly luggage and solar-powered gadgets.

Are they harsh or fair?

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